Wednesday, August 25, 2004

When Warriors Weep ... a poem

When Warriors Weep

Brave young warrior
where have you gone
Into the hills
to mourn your song

The breaking heart
knows no ache
like that of the warrior
when it breaks

The raging waters
know not how deep
the tears of the warrior
when he weeps

From umber hills
the plaintive yell
the heart of the warrior
breaking all to hell

Come now the spirits
to calm from within
the tears of the warrior
for his lost friend

At end of day
the tears have ebbed
the tear-spent warrior
none left to shed

On morning's light
quietly he comes
to bury the hatred
that was done

He carries the dead
within his heart
warriors weep
when loved ones part

His jaw now set
in stern reprove
when warriors weep
the world is moved

~Marge Tindal~© 2000