Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Lakota Way by Joseph Marshall III

Official Joseph Marshall III website.

The Lakota Way by Joseph Marshall III - Native American


Rarely do I attempt to do book reviews or brag about books, although my love of reading is ingrained in me.

This past weekend I was watching television and found this author speaking about his book The Lakota Way.

I then went to his web site and then to the local bookstore and have been reading it ever since. This "story telling" book tells the old stories passed down in Joseph Marshalls Lakota tribe.

Since Mr. Marshall is considered to be a story teller by his people, I have also ordered his tape which keeps the oral tradition of story telling it's rightful place.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has a love of the old ways and a respect for the honorable characteristics of the Lakota tribe.

The Medicine Wheel - East

East - Illumination and Wisdom

Spirit keeper of the East - Eagle (Wabun)


March 21 to April 19:

Moon Phase: Budding tree’s moon red tail hawk

Power Animal: Red tail hawk

Mineral: Fire opal

Frequency: 3.6 megacycles

Color: Yellow

Plant: Dandelion

Clan: Thunderbird

Element: Fire


Characteristics: Red tail hawk people look at the world with a sense of wonder. They have a great flair for life and adventure, and are always open to learning something new. Being of the element fire, these people are passionate about everything they do. They are also fearless, and often act without thinking, which causes them to bump their heads a lot. These people cannot lie, for if they do, they are either no good at it, or it makes them ill. So, they are straightforward and not very tactful. If you ask a redtail hawk whether or not he likes your new dress, you are going to hear an honest opinion.


April 20 to May 20:

Moon Phase: Frog’s return moon beaver; New waters moon beaver

Power Animal: Beaver

Mineral: Crysacola.

Frequency: 4.5 megacycles

Color: Blue

Plant: Blue commis

Clan: Turtle

Element: Earth


Characteristics: These are the architects of the shields. Beaver people are usually workaholics who can focus on getting the job done. The results of their work can have great impact on people far away. Beaver people don’t like change in their lives, and must learn to embrace change and to be thankful for the opportunities it offers, even when this is difficult.


May 21 to June 20:

Moon Phase: Corn planting moon deer.

Power Animal: Deer

Mineral: Moss agate

Frequency: 5.26 megacycles

Colors: Green and white

Plant: Yarrow

Clan: Butterfly

Element: Air


Characteristics: In Indian cultures, deer people are referred to as the Einsteins of the shield. They’re the ones with all the ideas. While most people are wondering what to do with their lives, deer people are wondering when are they going to have time to do everything they think of doing. The element air makes them multifacted and changeable. Deer people don’t necessarily finish what they start, but move from one thing to another. Often, they are artists and entertainers, and they frequently have two or three jobs at once.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Parts of The Medicine Wheel - South

South - Rapid growth and trust

Spirit Keeper of the South - Coyote (Shawnodese)


June 21 to July 22:

Moon: Strong sun moon; warning sun moon

Power animal: Flicker (large woodpecker)

Minerals: Rose quartz, Carnelian agate

Frequency: ????????

Color: Pink

Plant: Wild rose

Clan: Frog

Element: Water


Characteristics: Deer people are good at working with their hands and make excellent massage therapists. As frog clan members, they find it soothing to sit by a stream. And as coyotes, they have an excellent sense of humor. It is good to invite these people to parties.

July 21 to August 22:

Moon phase: Ripe berries moon sturgeon

Power animal: Sturgeon

Minerals: Garnet, iron

Frequency: 74 megacycles

Color: Red

Plant: Raspberry

Clan: Thunderbird

Element: Fire


Characteristics: In Indian cultures, the sturgeon represents royalty, therefore, these people are perceived as princes. They come into the world as teachers, with strong leadership abilities. They are always reading and studying to search for the truth. The information they receive must be shared with others. They have a hard outer shell that can’t be broken by physical force, but which can be opened through peace, love, and harmony. These people are soft inside, and will allow you to know them completely when you come to them in this way. One way to get to sturgeon people is to praise them.


August 23 to September 22:

Moon phase: Harvest moon brown bear

Spirit animal: Brown bear

Mineral: Amethyst

Frequency: 9.8

Color: Purple

Plant: Violet

Clan: Turtle

Element: Earth


Characteristics: Science shows that brown bear people have a high level of neuropeptides in their stomach. Neuropeptides are a substrate of thought, which tells us that thinking is not all in our heads. These people tend to take their gut feelings up into their head to analyze it. As a result, they sometimes lose a sense of what they should do. But if they go with their first feelings, they are usually right. They’re good in business if they don’t overanalyze. As turtle clan members, they are of the element earth, and enjoy picking up rocks and minerals.


Monday, April 25, 2005

Directions of The Medicine Wheel & their meaning

North - Purity and Renewal

Spirit Keeper of the North: White Buffalo (Waboose)


December 22 to January 19

Moon: Earth renewal moon

Power Animal: Snow goose

Mineral: Quartz crystal

Frequency: 13.26 megacycles

Color: White

Plant: Birch tree

Clan: Turtle

Element: Earth


Characteristics: The snow goose is at the top of the medicine wheel, and represents the chief. These people have an affinity for the earth, and might pick up rocks while vacationing. The bark of the birch tree helps their digestive tract, and the new leaves and new ends of twigs help deaden the pain in their knees and bones. Like the quartz crystal that is used in communications, these people can send messages over long distances. Often just thinking of someone will be enough to get the person to call them.


January 20 to February 18:

Moon: Rust cleansing moon otter

Power Animal: Otter

Mineral: Silver

Frequency: 13.6 megacycles

Color: Silver

Plant: Quaking aspen

Clan: Butterfly

Element: Air


Characteristics: The otter sits on the right hand side of the chief in high counsel. Their job is to advise the chief and to dissolve disputes. Otter people assume that everyone is their friend. They are multifaceted and quick thinkers who are usually a step and a half ahead of everyone else.


February 19 to March 20:

Moon: Big wind’s moon cougar

Power Animal: Cougar

Mineral: Turquoise

Frequency: 14.6 megacycles

Colors: Blue and green

Plant: Plantain

Clan: Frog

Element: Water


Characteristics: Cougar people also sit in high counsel, but on the left hand side hand of the chief. Their job is to give advice on running the tribe, as they are considered natural psychiatrists. All people come to cougar people for advice. Being frog clan members, they are natural healers. Cougar people do not jump into the center of the action. Rather, they are the elusive, shy ones that stay behind, and watch things unfold.