Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thunderbird Dream

I had a strange dream last night and I usually do not get the feeling that my dream is trying to tell me something but this one is different.

I dreamed I was looking up wards, at times through a window and at times I was outside, and I would hear the sound of a hawk calling. The sky was blue-gray like before the dawn or before the sun sets.

In the sky was a man bird, which is the only way that I can describe this bird.  He had beautiful wings and yet the main body was like that of a man.

I could not see his face but he was soaring on the air currents as a hawk or great bird will do. It was as if he was doing some elaborate sky dance on the air currents, a beautiful ritual dance, and when he would get almost directly over my head he would bring up his wings until they encircled him and his tail would spread out until he was like a circle in the air.

I cannot  hardly describe how he did it, but I would then see the brillant coloring of his under feathers and abdomen, which although he was a "man", was also covered in feathers like a bird.

 He would seem to hover on the wind in this circle with wings and feathers spread until the air current shifted and then he would begin to fly and soar around in the air near where I was.

He repeated this hover at least twice more before I woke, and each time I would see him and watch him in my dream I would call out to my friend ((there with me in the dream)) to look and see this magnificant bird but by the time they would look, he would be out of their view.

I can still see this man bird, and the word Thunderbird comes to mind, but I have no idea what it means yet. It was and is a beautiful dream and a peaceful feeling still.