Friday, March 12, 2004

Warrior Poem

Silent warrior.

He who in silence walks


Warrior wise,

What hear you in the


Knowing, yet

unknown. Fighting  the


Seeking wisdom

While she may be


Listening, gathering

Strength. inward


Before you fight

and fly again.



Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Weasel as Totem Animal Part 2

This totem is a difficult power totem to have. It is a rare gift and a great ability. Weasel medicine teaches you to find out many things through the power of silent observation.

Most weasel people are loners, preferring less social activities, graceful, solitary, and silent, almost brooding as they mull over the things around them.  People do not see their power easily and underestimate them. People can mistake their silence for withdrawal or dis-interest when in reality their minds and spirits are gathering and sorting through those things not so obvious to others.

Weasel medicine will confront situations when the time is right, and tackle situations that may seem much larger than what they can handle, but once they commit to a thing they will see it through and tenaciously hold on until the goal is reached,


Weasel as Totem Animal Part 1

Weasels are long bodied, short legged, agile predators who hunt persistently and will attack prey up to 4 times their size. They are active year round and will hunt by day or night.  Their fastpaced lifestyle demands that they eat 1/3rd of their body weight in meat each day.

Another characteristic of the weasel is their anal glands which produces  a very distinct scent. Scent is used to mark the boundaries of their territories and signal their reproductive state.

Their jaws are short and well muscled, thus increasing their strength as they are designed to minimize slippage of anything in their grasp.

Weasel wisdom includes:

stealth, cunning, ingenuity, keen vision, revenge, the ability to see the hidden reasons behind things, and strong powers of observation.


Skunk as Totem Animal Part 2

A powerful totem with magical and mystical qualities, the skunk enables us to get in touch with our inner instincts. They teach us how to comprehend a warning . Many times in our lives our inner instinct senses trouble and conflict but our minds and logic get in the way and overshadow that still small voice.

By listening and honoring that part within ourselves, we could avoid many circumstances that cause grief or turmoil.  The strip that runs from head to tail in the animal is linked to the creative forces within. Those who have learned to work with their totam animal are able to direct their creative energy into life situations and cause more positive outcomes.

Aromatherapy works well for the person who possess this medicine and since the skunk goes quietly about their buisness in life, those with this medicine should do the same.  Because of the intense energy the skunk holds without much effort on his part, people with this totem can have difficulty communicating in relationships. They can either appear too meek or too frightening and overbearing.

Finding that balance is a challenge to those with skunk medicine. When skunk enters your life, listen to that inner self and heed any voices of warning or direction that may come.


Skunk as Totem Animal Part 1

Skunks are slow moving solitary creatures and spend much of the day time hours underground. They dig their own dens but will also take over abandoned ones left by other animals if it suits their needs. They carry an air of self confidence and can teach us how to develope self esteem and self respect. They do not seek out trouble, but neither will they run from it. Instead they choose to stand their ground.

Throughout history they have been both respected and feared. When a skunk feels threatened it raises it's tail and stomps it's front feet. If that does not deter the intruder it will then make a low hissing sound and turn around presenting it's tail and then spray.

A skunk can spray 10 - 15 feet  with a noxious liquid that will irritate the eyes and blur vision temporarily. The odor is very distinct and so is the skunks marksmanship as the target is often hit square in the face and chest.

Skunk wisdom includes:

Understanding how to "walk your talk", sensuality, self respect and courage, and a calmness that comes from self confidence which is not pride or arrogance.


Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Dream Walking Part 2

To dream walk ask yourself if the dream is even speaking to you or not, not all dreams "speak." Does it stay on your mind? Do feelings within the dream linger? Are you dreaming the same theme in different ways at night?

Next what is the overall mood and feel of the dream to you. Introspeaction at this point can help, so check your inner feelings.

You may want to look at the overall pattern and theme of the dream rather than try to break it down into too many small details. Sort of like you won't be able to see the forest for the tree's thing.

Only you can know what the different things within a dream mean to you. Only you know your inner man and the circumstances that you are in.

Discussing your dream with someone who knows you and that you trust may help you see things more clearly, but remember that you are your own best dream walker.

Dream Walking

I have been dreaming more than usual lately. The Native American tend to listen to their dreams and the lessons that are taught in that place of sleep.

Not all dreams will speak to you, but the inner man seems to know that some dreams "feel" different, or recur in a similar enough pattern, so that you know something is trying to speak to you.

I do not believe in dream interpretation books,although if someone chooses to start dream walking with one it may at least help them find a starting point in their understanding.

My rational for not using a book is simple. Different things will mean different things to different people. :o)

A book cannot state as fact that "If you dream of flying then it means you want to escape and flee a situation that can harm you so run, run, run."

Flying to me means peace, not danger, relaxation and freedom, not threat of falling or failing.Dreams are as unique and as individual as the content and symbols in them.

Native American Code of Ethics

Rise with the sun to pray.Pray alone. Pray often. The Great Spirit will listen if you will only speak.

Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path. Ignorance, conceit, anger, jealousy, and greed stem from a lost soul. Pray they will find guidance.

Search for yourself, by yourself. Do not ask others to make your path for you. It is your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

Treat the guests in your home with consideration. Serve them the best food, give them the best bed, and treat them with honor and respect.

Do not take what is not yours, whether from a person, a community, the wilderness or from a culture. It was not earned or given. It is not yours to possess.

Respect all things that are placed upon this earth - whether it be people or plant.

Honor other peoples thoughts, wishes, and words. Never interupt one another for then you steal his time and insult his words for you.

Give thanks daily for the things that you have, for in a single moon all could be gone. Love much. Thank the earth and the animals for sharing with you so that you may eat and have shelter and live. Without each you would be cold, without food, or life.


Exert from A Cherokee Feast of Days

"Remember when you do anything, there will be someone that will find fault, no matter what you do. The pleasure of an unhappy person is to find something wrong in others to salve his own discontent.

The Cherokees believe that tests sharpen their wit and help them a s qua dv, win or triumph, over opposite powers. It would be beneath them to accept criticism as something they must overcome.

The Cherokees flick it off like to si, pesky misquitos.We all try to understand our differences of opinion, to care what effect we cause in other people. But the bane of anyone's existence is ignorance---our own.

We want more than anything to correct what we know is wrong. And what we find wrong in others may be a reflection of our own wrongs."

A simple thought that even the the faiths of others teach ...

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Judge not lest you be judged.

Monday, March 8, 2004

Native American cultural beliefs verses Wicca/New Agers

One thing that I would very much like to clear up is the comparative simularities in the practices of the Native American way of life and the practicing of Wicca and other simular new age beliefs.

I hold all faiths to be an individual thing and judge no man, although I must clarify that the ways of the Native American have been passed down from the ancient forefathers and the old ones to the young warriors for centuries.

These traditions and rituals, ceremonies and beliefs, are held as holy, and were ceremonially performed long before the white man ever came to this land.

There are many religions that also use many of the Native ways. Each incorporates a love and respect for the earth and all living things, acknowledge the spiritual as well as the physical, and use many of the same herbs and ceremonial tools.

I respect that, but the Native American culture and beliefs are not a simular practice. To the true Native, there can be no seperation between man and his interaction with the earth and all upon it.

He respects and holds dear all facets of life and believes in a one true Creator that may be called by different names by many of the different tribes.

Native stories and legends have been passed from generation to generation through the Shaman or the old wise ones of each tribe.

It is not a "faith" that the Native embraces, but it is his culture, not a way of practice of religion that he may or may not freely choose,but it is his bloodline and heritage, it is his life.




herbs that are useful to me

Desert Sage: This is one of the most sacred herbs among Native Americans. It is often used to purify the mind and body and spirit before prayer, meditation, ritual or ceremony. It is also used to purify and dedicate new items that come into your life or in cleansing new land or a new home.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is used for courage, success, power and energy, and spiritual development. Negative cicumstances and things that drain the spirit of energy also weaken the minds ability to cope with stressors and the eomtions ability to cope with the new stress that enters our day to day lives. It also weakens our bodies immune system so that we are unable to fight off infection, so replacing the energy is vital to the spirit and physical man.

Cloves: The aroma of cloves is physically stimulating. It brings confidence in money and all competitions, protection, gains and rewards. Not all accomplishments and gains will be monetary, nor should they be. Feeding the inner man with a feeling of wholeness and solidarity can help overcome many adversities and that is priceless in its worth.

Sweet Grass: This is another very sacred herb among many tribes. It is useful for self clensing and purification. It is often used with sage to dedicate sacred objects and purify new dwellings. Unfortunately, this is one herb I cannot use due to allergies.




Smudging is an ancient tribal tradition of purification and cleansing. It has been used for centuries to creat harmony, peace, and facilitate healing and wholeness.

Different tribes have more than one type of ceremony and may use a variety of herbs or prayerful blessings. Smudging is basically the burning of herbs or incense. It is used for cleansing, purification, protection of the physical and spiritual body, banishment of negative energies and creation of a sacred space.

Often the smoke from the burning herbs, or incense, is waved in the four directions and a prayer or blessing spoken aloud.

When there is much confusion in my life, or many things seem to come against my home and break down and pile up unexpected bills, or if I have visitors that tend to leave a feeling of unrest, I will cleanse my house with cinammon or sage.

I burn the sage and go from room to room facing north, south, east and west. I blow or wave the smoke with a feather from the bottom to the top of each direction and the last place I go is to open the door and wave the smoking sage through the opened door and ask all the confusion or choas and bad spirits to leave and peace to envelope my home.

Often when expecting guests I will burn cinammon and cloves which leave a calming influence and welcomes anyone entering my home, and it smells nice too.


Sunday, March 7, 2004

Red-Tailed Hawk the Totem

The hawk is the messenger. It often appears in our life when we need to pay attention to the subtle messages all around us that are so easily missed in the day to day business of "living our lives." We need to search within ourself and our world and then listen to what the hawk is speaking to the inner man.

Hawks seem to possess the power to move between the seen and unseen worlds. They have acute vision and with this broader vision they can see beyond the present into what "may lie ahead."  

Those who possess the hawk totem can tend to be introspective and analytical. They have to be reminded to take in the broader range of vision and focus on the end result rather than allow themselves to be burdened down by constant small details. They will miss the prey if they are unable to do so.

When hawk flies into our life we will be asked to evaluate who we really are and who we have become and tear away the illusions of what we think we are. A bird that flies the heavens, hawk signifies union with the great Creator and a hunger for the spiritual things to feed our inner soul.


Red Tailed Hawk : basic facts

The Red-tailed Hawk ranges throughout all of North America from the most northern tree line in Alaska and Canada to as far south as Panama. It is a most adapatble bird, being equally at home in deserts and forests, to the mountains or even the city.

It is a member of the buzzard family, a powerful and husky species, with the widest ecological tolerance of any North American Hawk. It is an aggressive bird and vigorously defends it's territory, specially during the winter months when food is scarce.

The female is the larger of the mating pair and they have a strong bond even outside the breeding season. They usually lay only 1 - 3 eggs at a time which incubate for up to 32 days.

The wisdom of the Hawk includes :

clear sightedness, long term memory, spiritual sensitivity or heightened instinct, courage, wisdom, illumination, an ability to see the whole picture and not just focus on the parts, creativity, truth, wise use of opportunities, and the ability to problem solve based on past experience.


My Totem Animals

Welcome to my journal. I am CheyFire and will use this journal to honor my Native American heritage and share some of the ways that I have learned on my journey in life.

I believe that all of nature and all animals act and interact inseperable from one another. What affects one part of the earth affects all, like a stone thrown into calm waters ... the ripples continue to pass outward until the very shores are touched, never knowing the start of the movement.

Native American's have many spiritual pathways to the one true Creator. My main totem animal is the Red Tailed Hawk,for he is a majestic preditor and a survivor. He is a messenger that brings hope and strength.

I also have a kinship with Wolf but wisely listen to all the animals that cross my path. The wolf is also strong and wise and cunning, but he is true to family.

The White Tiger also leads me many times, for he is almost mystical in his ways. He enables me to see those things not obvious to the eye and helps me find balance within.

I hope to introduce readers to the ways of the animal spirits and the ways of the ancient ancestors.

Again, welcome.