Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fussing about how NA are getting treated with Katrina

I know that there are hundreds of families and individuals misplaced from Katrina and my heart goes out to ALL of them, not just New Orleans,

What I am fussing about this time is that the only place that seems to be focused on is New Orleans, as if no place else on the coast got hit or killed or devastated.

And this news about there was no help help sent because the people were poor and "African American, throwing in the race card.

I blame the media for that.

They did the same thing when there was that huge power outage up north that affected several states but the ONLY one they talked about was New York, as if that was the only state affected.

It is biased and unfair and the media likes to "say" that they do not show partiality or play favorites...but that is like BS bigtime.

They are as politically motivated as any campaigner ever dared to be on the presidential trail.

Not only that, this 2 thousand dollar debit card is a crock of POOP.

I have two friends that were devastated in the New Orleans area and they have now had to move near here and are coming over today for a cook out.

They went to the Red Cross.

They got 250 dollars apiece.

That's right folks.

Two HUNDRED and FIFTY dollars a piece NOT a debit card and not 2 thousand.

They lost everything. They lost their home. Their pets. Their life. Their jobs. Their friends.

They are NO different from anyone else I see on the news except for two things.

1. They got out ahead of the storm and

2. They are part native american and part white.

Other than that there is no difference. They are poor. They are elderly. They have nothing.

They were not on public assistance because they did try to work and lived pay check to pay check and went without seeing doctors when they needed to because the doctor or the medicines would cost more than they could afford.

They got their butts in the one old car they had and got out of the New Orleans area before the storm hit..... like Friday before when they said Katrina "might" head their way. ((common sense there)))

Doesn't take a lot of smarts to get out of the way and it only cost a tank of gas for them. I know that many a person didn't even have a car, old or otherwise so I won't say everyone could have left, but many who stayed did do so by choice and those I am tiffed with. They even said so in the interviews at the Astro Dome the day they were lining up to go in. I heard the interviews. ((I think after the mess started I would have broken into the school bus barns and loaded up folks WITH their pets and headed out...thise buses are still sitting there in several shots I saw on the news))

They are alive but they have nothing now except that old rattle trap car that overheats and breaks down more than it runs.

They are not getting any of the benefits that you hear on the news from the Red Cross or from FEMA.

So before anyone gets too excited that the Red Cross is "all that." In reality they are not treating all the victims the same any more than the media is.

In reality those with Native blood get screwed again.