Thursday, September 23, 2004

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The Pet Guardian info and Reddy's survivor story - Bulletin Board - Death in dogs after Proheart 6 shots

Fort Dodge to Comply with FDA's Request to Recall Proheart 6 Injectable Heartw

Important Drug Information about ProHeart® 6

CBS4: Could your pet be in danger? An I-Team investigation

CBS 2 Chicago: For Your Pet's Sake

Charleston.Net: News: State/Region: Heartworm drug may have killed endangered

It is a frightening thought, the innocent killing of our brother animals. This battle to keep dogs alive and stop the use of Proheart 6 has been ongoing for a couple of years now, but thanks to all the Ancestors for hearing my prayers, the drug has been pulled for now.

I wrote a letter to Ft. Dodge and to the VLS vet board saying that although they may "no longer conduct studies and tests on animals prior to releasing a new drug, they now seem to be testing when they put it on the market." (on animal or human!)

The FDA site has warnings sent as early as 1999 to Ft Dodge about the contamination of their drug production methods. They sent repeateded warnings.

If this is what Wythe would do with their animal drug production, how careful are they with their production of the human drugs?


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Heart Worm drug kills Red Wolf

Story last updated at 7:04 a.m. Monday, September 20, 2004

Heartworm drug may have killed endangered red wolf
Associated Press COLUMBIA--A report on the death of federally protected red wolf suggests a heartworm-prevention drug may have led to the adult female's death.The medicine, ProHeart 6, has been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration after reports of negative side effects in treated dogs.The rare red wolf that federal wildlife managers at a Charleston nature preserve were counting on to help save the endangered species had been injected with the drug last month by members of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.The Clemson University autopsy report did not pinpoint a cause of death, but said the wolf might have died from heat stroke or a reaction to the heartworm medicine.Fort Dodge Animal Health, which makes ProHeart 6, was unable to assess whether the drug could have killed the wolf, but the company maintains few dogs have bad reactions to the medicine.Biologists at the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge where the wolf died will stop using the drug on wolves, refuge manager Matt Connolly said."We didn't find out it had been recalled until after," Connolly said.


For those of you who may not be aware of all the fighting about the Pro Heart 6 heart worm injection and the fact the FDA has demanded the recall of the drug, I need to share this with the Native community.

On my other site I have mentioned almost losing my Italian Greyhound dog, Reddy, to the Pro Heart 6 injection. His reaction was within 24 hours and almost killed him several times before the drug cleared his system six months later.

After my vet finally called the Ft Dodge/Wyeth company and made an FDA adverse drug reaction report, I became aware of the actual  number of deaths that resulted from the use of this canine drug, and that the FDA had been sending written warnings to the company with reprimands concerning drug contamination during production.

Now it has killed a brother wolf. If you would like more information concerning the investigation of the Pro Heart 6 injection for canines to protect against heart worms let me know and I will post the various sites or send you more information. Thanks.


2004 Indian Festival Omulgee Park

I wanted to share the pictures that I have developed thus far. These are from a Native American Festival that is an annual event at nearby Indian mounds.